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Fiction: No Man Born Of Woman Can Resist Me No Matter How Godly And Religious They Are

Bigmoses 06/25/2020

To be sincere, the way people hipe NYSC certificate in those days are over, what we African men are hiping now is curves, any woman who have curse have it all. 

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As far as I'm concerned, with the sharpness of my curves and the beauty of my face, no man can resist me even if they are champions in speaking in tongues. 

My curve is quite natural, even girls can't withstand it, they have to look it twice. 

I remember a day went my car broke down and I have no other option than to take a bike, upon getting to their garage, bike men were fighting to for me to climb their bike, reasons for this, I don't know, the sweetest part of it is that, the one that carried me refused to collect money. If bike men cannot resist me, what make you think you can?. 

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I remember going to a pastor for prayer, after praying the man of God told me to drop my number so he can tell me what ever the spirit reveals to him on the phone, wait o, If real men of God cannot resist me, what makes you think you can? Well, I know what he the holy spirit was going to tell him so I gave him wrong number. 

I'm a small girl o, but ever since I was born, no man born of woman, no matter how holy and highly religious they are, will for any reason pass by me on the road or sees my photos on the internet and will not attempt to look twice, no, its not possible. 

Just imagine you wake up I'm the middle of the night, and see me beside you, will you bother to shout blood of Jesus? I'm sure you wont. 

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If you are sure you can resist the sharpness of my curves just scroll down, and drop a comment stating why you think you can resist me. 

We've come so far and it will be bad if you just leave this page without helping me, please like, share, comment and follow me for more update. 

Lastly, with full confidence, I say again, no man can resist me, not even ladies. 

 Thanks for reading. 

Note : photos in this article are used illustratively

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Top Comments
EmekaAgiriga_01 · 06/25/2020
I will shout it very well because I didn't go to bed with you and truly if this pictures I'm seeing is the real thing then you have nothing .
SteveIrek · 06/25/2020
Then why not look for good pix from ladies with energy n not from old expired ones
+234-806859**** · 06/25/2020
waiting this one get way make man no go fit resist her,she is not even beautiful and her backside is not all that gud,so she should stop saying that,is his not seeing all the beautiful ladies that use to come out here,n dey hv not said something like that,is she that don't hv anything to give is saying something like that, make she go Seth down
+234-806522**** · 06/25/2020
Am I a baby that I cannot resist a baby food package ?

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