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For shading Multichoice, BBN’s Producers after Lunching her clotheline - See what fans did to Tacha.

Omologbalogba 06/25/2020

See reactions from Nigerian fans after Big brother disqualified candidate shades producer of BBnaija after she launched her own clothing line.

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Some set of fans seems not to be happy about how Tacha went about shading the finger that brought her to limelight, causing many feels she’s was nobody who was just twerking on Instagram until that same company put you kn the spot.

Another set of fans are of the opinion that was not a shade but rather a random tweet from her with no harm.

Well she wrote after lunching of her own clothing lines she said Multichoice My God don’t sleep oh. “E Open eyes Gidigba”

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But to the fans who feels this isn’t a shade what does this tweet mean, a fan asked?

We know titans will defend their queen but this looks more like a shade that praises- Anonymous

Why is she always copying Ceec in every she do.

Here are more reactions below from Nigerians regarding her statement.

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Top Comments
VickyOkoto · 06/25/2020
This writer is a insane. It's obvious u are against Tasha. How is she copying Ceece? before Ceece even launched ceegar so many other people had launched theirs also. Does Ceece have eyelash brand? Does she have powerbank brand? Does Ceece sell everything Ceece? Etc why can't u people just leave Tasha alone. She is really trending well i must say. And besides what if she mention Multichoice? Wen Multichoice mentioned her wen she was irrationally removed from the game what did u stupid writer say?
SamuelIdowu_14 · 06/25/2020
When writing or speaking, choice of words is an art that should be learnt and digested so that one is not misquoted.
FaithPaul_07 · 06/25/2020
abeg make una allow tacha is the business ment for Cee-c only? how about beyonce wey do her joggers few months later Rihanna do her own?una hear anything from them?
AnnOkwuogu · 06/28/2020
later she will say ' I Natacha Akide has never bla bla bla' Tacha feeds on shading people.

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