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5 Major Reasons Why Many Degree Holders In Nigeria Are NOT FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL.

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It's becoming an established fact that many degree holders in Nigeria and abroad are not financially successful. To every challenge, there's a reason behind its origin. Have you not noticed the many numbers of financially unsuccessful degree holder residing around you, some even very close to you?

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We take a close look at how it came to be for these ones. How poverty launches a residential permit on them and succeed. What went wrong? What did they do wrong? The following are the reasons considered for this experience:

1. Their journey of getting certified prepared them for a world that no longer exist.

In the context of the headline, how many on the list of world richest have a degree? most of them became rich not from working for someone but by creating products, engaging in business or rendering services with their skills, most schools where this certificate are obtained don't teach. The world is not the same as it uses to be before, the recent pandemic exposed that more. So there's a need for every degree holder to understand, the school should not be the end of their learning.

2. They give their life to the study with the mindset to only obtain the certificate and not to develop themselves.

This is just the reason many will not succeed financially. They think it is all about their schooling experience neglecting their development in the process which makes their school journey bear physical reward only.

3. They only think of what their certificate will offer them.

Many have risen to financial success, because of manual skills they can offer that are not and can't be taught in school. Many excelled to glory in another field they weren't certified for. An example is Formal Presidential Aspirant and Ovation Int'l Chief, Otunba Dele Momodu who studied Yoruba Language but became successful in the journalism business. That's the story of many success today.

4. They really don't understand that certificate and degree make you seek jobs when what you really need is opportunities.

Once obtained you go all out in search of how to further better your life financially by thinking about how to take salaries and save to grow from such a position, which is a very wrong mindset. The basic fact is that those who work for a paycheck can never be as rich as those who invest to make sure such paycheck generating organization exist and function successfully.

5. They are just prepared to take security opportunities not RISK.

Ask any of the financially great ones, they will without thinking twice testify to the fact that RISK is the biggest platform for financial success. If you want to succeed, you must learn the mastery of risk-taking.

Having gone through all these reasons, it is obvious that the majority of those who are degree holders who are not successful actually have the type of thinking mentioned above.

If you are a recent graduate, please try hard to acquire skills that are highly demanded in the labour market and you can even start something on your own if you're able to successfully gain mastery in whatever field you might acquire skill in.

All in all, all the best to you as you continue to pursue your life ambitions.

Thanks for reading.

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