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See The Evil Business That This Beautiful Lady Got Herself Involved

Afolabipetersmurphy 06/25/2020

See The Evil Business That This Beautiful Lady Got Herself Involved

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The Nigeria police have just paraded some criminals, that are running ammunitions business.

Although the case is not new in the Nigerian police arena, the people involved and their involvement was what jarred my sensibilities, as three women that are still in their late twenties are among the syndicates.

A married young woman named Eleana Yowei was among the three women, who had a connection to the crime. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

According to her, she was given a half bag of rice by her husband to hand over to a lady that was living with them, the lady will in turn travel to Bayelsa and hand it over to her mum.

The truth here has not been detected yet, because the case is still under investigation, but many criminals have been arrested in connection with the exhibit.

What I really want to pinpoint here is that such a beautiful lady has been involved with such disreputable business and she failed to repudiate such shameful marriage, until she was caught.

Apart from rice that was the original goods in the bag, 818 rounds of live ammunitions meants for machine gun were concealed in the bag.

It is noteworthy that no one could be trusted, I bet it with you that you can never meet Eleana Yowei for the first and believe she can have hand in such an evil business.

The way evil people keep emerging in Nigeria every day is too alarming, and most people that are involved are young ones who are desperate to get rich quick, I will only advice the bonafide Nigerians to be wary about strange and even old friend who you do not know their minds.

Another important thing is that, as no one could be trusted in Nigeria again, whenever you are sent to deliver goods to some people, try to cross-check what was concealed in the bag because the bag might contain an exhibit that can land you in trouble. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Let us all be warned.

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