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Why you shouldn't drink okro water for fertility and other alternatives you can use

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We have seen several school of thoughts that says by slicing raw okro and soaking it in water over 24 hours,and then drinking it.That it helps cleanse the system ,performs some healing to the bodyThe helps restore ovulation. There's no disputing of these facts,but at same time, okro water ,drinking may not be too good for women trying to conceive.This is because okro water contains a substance known as gossypol which inhibits sperm motility.This doesn't mean okro water is not safe in people who want to achieve other health benefits, it is.But as for women who are desiring to conceive there are a great number of other alternatives that can be used .

These other alternatives in include; guava leaf.guava leaf contains folate and other forms of vitamin that help boost fertility.How do you use it.pluck your guava leaf irrespective of whether it has the guava seeds on it already. But ensure its guava leaf.Then wash and air dry it.not sun dry.Air dry.in the sense that you can just leave it to dry inside your house.not necessarily taking it out to the sun.After air drying.pour water into your pot and allow it boil for sometime.your instincts will help you know when its ready once the water starts changing to somewhat green.Then sieve out the water and drink. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Secondly,you can also use ginger,tumeric,red clove,and garlic combo.cut these ones into pieces.soak in water and shake it.every morning.This allows it to.ferment.leave for one month,then you can start drinking it.

Exercise: not strenuous one. Aerobics like skipping, swimming,dancing,will help your entire system function as it should.

Prayer. Yes prayer. Its the first tool for.conception. children are gift from God.So fast and pray to God about anything that bothers you

Lastly,keep Hope alife.Never loose hope .never stop being positive.psychology has a way of affecting body hormones .so make sure you keep feeding your mind with the right and positive thoughts. God will help you.

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