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Fight poverty and depression with these guidelines

Dondadah222 06/29/2020

Man is born free but everywhere he is he is in chains. The hunger for freedom is so intense in man that any opportunity he gets he will use it.

There is something worse than physical lockdown which is mental lockdown but the worse of them all is spiritual lockdown .

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The problem with mental lockdown

When you are lockdown mentally you will feel the position you are is the best and you be comfortable even you are suffering.

Like someone once asked a girl what she wants to become in future and she answers she wants to be an house help because her Mom was also a house help.

Now she feels being a house help is normal and she is comfortable with it.

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Way out of mental lockdown

1. To be average is the enemy of being cleaver. Many people are happy being average (2 chron1:6-12) the story of Solomon .some students are statisfy with let my people go .

2. He who does not know and knows that he does not know will be will be wise but he who does not know but think he knows will be foolish.

3.good enough is the best enemy of being great (1 king 19: 19-21) the story of Elijah . You don't settle for less always aspire to be the best .

4. Thinking you are already great (2 king 4:1-end).

From lockdown to leaping up

When you sense that what you call normal is not (1mark 8:2 -24) because you have know better days .

You should never think of the good old days but the good news days ahead of you .

Our prayers should always be that our today will be better than yesterday and our today be better than today.

Don't get mentally lockdown and never say you have arrived.

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Almighty God enlarge my coast and sharpen my vision that after the lockdown I will be lifted and achieve greater things in Jesus mighty name amen.

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