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Between Destiny and Mercy, Who Slays Better in School and Police Uniforms?

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It is a thing of joy to see our own dear Nollywood stars trying to take the swag and fun beyond just screen actions.

I so much derive fun and relief when I see some of this actresses trying to show the simplicity of life and how you can make things easy and less stressful for yourself.

It is not enough to slay in that curvy and 'international' outfits always, try to do something different, more friendly and simple. This doesn't mean they don't have gorgeous outfits but they just want to show you that your happiness is in your hands.

This two, Destiny Etiko and Mercy Johnson are two actresses that are number one when you talk of 'slay mamas' but the picture below shows that they are way simpler than you think. You see Destiny in school uniform and Mercy in police uniform, with very radiant smiles and they see nothing wrong in sharing it with the public because they deserve to be happy themselves.

Now you have the room to share with us your opinion on who slays better, do well to study the two pictures

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