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RE: Falz Blasts Governor Ganduje, The Musician now one year in prison, see what happened to him.

absim 06/25/2020

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Mohammed Yusuf aka AGY, a kano based musician who was sentenced to two years imprisonment last year, has spent one year in prison. According to report, he was sentenced for releasing a song against the Governor of kano state, Governor Abdullahi Ganduje. The song mocked the governor’s alleged dollar bribe, creation of new emirates in kano and election rigging.

On the 19th June 2019, Mr Yusuf was found guilty by a magistrate court in kano for three-count charges;

1. Releasing a song without the approval of the Kano State Censorship Board.

2. Releasing a video without approval.

3. Defamation of the character of Mr Ganduje".

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Despite the calling from Falz a renowned Nigerian rapper in collaboration with some human right organizations for his release, the government has overlooked it. It is believed that he is still in prison since nobody has reported his released.

He deserved to be released now with the increasing cases of COVID19 in Nigeria especially in Kano state. Let's not forget bold people like Mr Yusuf who can speak for the masses through their song. Please let us know if peradventure he has been released.


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UduakEdet_03 · 06/25/2020
forgive that shall be forgives. That shall not kill, obligation is duties or responsibility . is just like father and son

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