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A Lady shared her experience after escaping death through electrocution

[email protected] 06/26/2020

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A Nigeria Food blogger Tolani shared how she escape death in her house after her hand mistakenly touch the water heater.

She said, “ I got off bed to take my bath and get ready for work. As usual, I got into the bath, washed my face first, stretched my hands up reaching out to take my sponge which was close to the water heater, that was the end all I could remembered was freezing for 2minute before screaming my husband name. My scream woke my husband up, rushed to the bathroom thinking it was a snake since we spoke about snake a night before. I screamed turn it off. He turn off the water heater and that was the last thing I remembered. I was electrocuted for almost 5minute, I was rushed go the hospital frozen, stiff and salivating. I got admitted immediately til I got stable.

She added, what if my husband wasn’t home, what if my in-law didn’t live around to help rush me to the hospital since my husband was too destabilized to even lift me. What if he couldn’t hear me or I couldn’t scream. I thought I was dead already”.

Please take note, heat water shouldn’t be on when taking your bath. It is dangerous.

Source: opera.com
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