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5 Things You Might Not Know About Tyler Perry

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The famous American actor, writer, director and producer Tyler Perry is a house hold name and he’s famously known for his creation and portrayal of the character “Madea – a tough elderly woman” in many of his movies.

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Lets’ take a look at some of the things people might not know about him

1. He had a rough childhood – His birth name was Emmitt Perry Jr. and he was born on the 13th of September 1969. While growing up his father’s way of dealing with everything was to “beat it out of you”. It got so bad that he went as far as attempting suicide so that he could escape being maltreated from the hands of his father.

When he was 16, he legally changed his first name from Emmit to Tyler to distance himself from his father. Tyler Perry took a DNA test and later found out that his father. Emmitt Perry Snr. was in fact not his biological father. 

Apart from being maltreated by his father, he was also molested at different points in his life, at a certain point he was molested by three men, later by a friend’s mother when he was 10 years old, he also learnt later that his father had also molested one of his friends.

2. How he got his inspiration for writing stage plays – While watching an episode of The Opera Winfrey Show, one of the things he “took away” was the fact that writing had a therapeutic effect, enabling the writer/author to work out his problems. Since he had a rough childhood filled with molestation and maltreatment, he decided to start a career in writing.

He started by writing a series of letters to himself which was became the source for “I know I’ve Been Changed” his first major successful playwright – its focus was the critical issues like child abuse and rape and how they can be overcome by a strong belief in God.

He first performed this playwright around 1990 when he moved to Atlanta. The stage play was financed by his $12,000 life savings. At first it was a financial failure, but Tyler Perry didn’t give up, he rewrote the movie and developed it over the next six years

3. From Stage Plays to Movies – His first movie was the “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. For the movie he raised a budget of $5.5 million and this movie went on to gross $50.6 million, just in the US alone. He then went on to make, direct other number one box office movies like Madea’s Family Reunion and subsequent Madea films, Daddy’s Little Girls, Why Did I Get Married? And a host of other movies.

4. He has a 330 acre former military base Fort McPherson in Atlanta which he has converted into a studio. He acquired this in 2015. Part of this site have been used to create permanent sets. One of the famous movies that has been filmed at Tyler Perry’s Studio is the blockbuster Marvel film Black Panther.

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5. In 2018 he retired the feisty, foul mouthed grandma character “Madea” so you won’t be seeing that character anytime again in any of his future movies.

Which of the above didn’t you know about Tyler Perry, drop your comments in the comment section below

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