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Fighting for excellence is a good.

Dammeen 2d

Fighting for Excellence

Excellence is a spirit that refuses to settle with the status quo and ‘what is available’ – it goes for what it desires and deserves.

Excellence is the cure to mediocre and complacency.

To excel, fight has no substitute.

Life may not be fair to you, but you can still fare well.

Excellence is not a gift!

To achieve and attain to it, it calls for a strive.

Excellence is the preserve of fighters.

Excellence is the factor that makes a man restless and uncomfortable, always

It always reacts against what is existing for what should come in existence.

David was against Goliath

Samson stood against the Lion

Daniel and his companions refused to worship the idol of Babylon

Jesus came to set a new other.

Reactions, revolutions and realization are actions leading to excellence.

Go contrary, stand out, don’t blend!

Then you are on your way to excellence.

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