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Here are the reasons why almost everyone loves Davido

Feighmi 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. David Adeleke Samuel is undeniably one of the biggest African music stars in history. It is also very notable though that his vocal process and musical talent only account for a tiny fraction of why he is successful and widely receipted. If it was by talent alone, I'm pretty sure the hierarchical ranking of successful artists in Nigeria would be very much different. Davido has a very unique aura to him and an individuality people can't help but admire. Check out the reasons everyone loves OBO below;

He's humble

Even though he comes from a very wealthy background and a prolific family, Davido is very humble and relatable.

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His humility definitely doesn't stop him from dressing to stand out. Davido has a unique style and presence that will most likely always steal a second glance.

He's interesting

From how he responds to critics and haters, to his humorous posts online. Davido always gives people who follow him the show they signed up for. This is attestable as to why he is the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Twitter and Instagram.

He's generous View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

When you hear the phrase "we rise by lifting others", the first person that comes to mind is none other than Davido. He's well known for his occasional philanthropic deeds. People who have worked with him are always full of nice words and praises for him.

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HarrisPhynx · 07/22/2020
that's my best artist in the world

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