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Say This Powerful Morning Prayer For You This New Week Against Every Generational Sickness & Disease

Ada_Ivie 06/28/2020

There is nothing that robs people of their destiny like sickness and disease. It was God’s visitation that saved Peter’s mother from that strange sickness. It was God’s intervention that delivered her from the arrow of death. Sickness and death has a good connection between each other. If you are a good Bible reader, you will discover that sickness is a by-product of death. Most of us knows the story of Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:1-7. It explains to us that Hezekiah sickness was so serious that it was about to lead him to death. It was prophet Isaiah that delivered him through God’s message of hope.

-Every evil power using sickness to pursue me from my mother's house die in Jesus name.

-Every evil power of my father's house speaking against my health scatter in Jesus name.

-I drink the blood of Jesus to destroy this sickness and infirmities assigned to destroy me in Jesus name.

-power of God uproot generational sickness from my life. Arrows of sickness originating from idolatry loose your hold in Jesus name.

-Any power any personality that want to terminate my life through sickness or disease, iam not your candidate go back to sender in Jesus name

-By fire by force am healed, I fire back every arrow of sickness flowing in my blood stream in Jesus name.

-You sickness, disease ( call the name) you have no power over me so therefore be destroyed in Jesus name.

-Any power that says no drugs or medication shall restore my health dry up by fire in Jesus name.

-You my health hear the word of the Lord, be restored back, I challenge my body with the healing fire of God in Jesus name.

-Any Ancestral powers appearing in my dream to arrest my health your time is up die by fire in Jesus name.

-I challenge anything moving around my body, my waist, my womb to die. I drink the blood of Jesus to stop the operation of the enemy concerning my health in Jesus name.

-Every power transforming me into masquerade in the night to attack me the dream be exposed and die in Jesus name.

-Every coffin prepared by the angel of death for my life, catch fire in Jesus name.

-Every power oppressing my life through dreams of death fall down and die in Jesus name.

-Every evil link between me and the spirit of untimely death, be cut off by the blood of Jesus.

-Every agreement and covenant of hell placed on my family line, break by the blood of Jesus.

-Every Ancestral spirit working to initiate me into evil covenant of untimely death be frustrated in Jesus name.

-Every agent of the spirit of death monitoring my life day and night, receive blindness and die in Jesus name.

-Owners of evil load of generation sickness carry your load and die in Jesus name.

-You family spirits, power and supervising powers in charge of sickness die in Jesus name.

-Any organ in my body performing below expectation, receive Resurrection power of the Lord Jesus.

-Yokes of covenants of diseases break in Jesus name. Power drinking the blood of my wholeness die in Jesus name.

-Anything I have eaten or swallowed assigned to attack my health, my womb from conceiving die in Jesus name.

-I crushed every serpent and scorpions of generational infirmity in Jesus name.

-Father have mercy on me and forgive me, in whatever way I might have opened the doors of my life and family to evil in Jesus name.

-Every evil imagination of suicide unto death against my life backfire in Jesus name.

-Father, in my mouth is the power of life and death, I speak life unto myself and I speak destruction unto all my enemies and all their weapons against me in Jesus name.

-(mention the name) These sickness shall not kill me, or hinder me from fulfilling my destiny in Jesus name.

-Let the stripes of Jesus heal my body from every infirmity of the body and soul in Jesus name.

-I reject every arrows that flies by day. I stand against every pestilence that walks in darkness. Every destruction that wastes at noon day shall not locate my address in Jesus name.

-Every sickness and disease planted in my body through evil contact in the dream, be uprooted and be flushed out by the blood of Jesus.

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HenrykelOnye · 06/28/2020
Virginiaagada_01 · 06/28/2020
EhimahJohn · 06/28/2020
I thank God for you and my family for his good glory of God. AMEN
GUEST_M8XQrNYa4 · 06/28/2020

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