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If You Have A Birthmark On These Parts Of Your Body, This Is What It Means. (Opinion)

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Quite a lot of people have observed birthmarks on their bodies and it has given them thoughts and concern as to what it means.

Most atimes, they are not able to say how it came about, if they were actually born with it or it developed with time as they grew from childhood into adulthood.

The surprising part about it is that these birthmarks do not come in a particular shape nor colour. It is also not restricted to a particular part of the body as it can be found literally everywhere on the human body.

Although quite a lot of people would say it is mostly found on the face, arm, leg as well as the abdomen, a few people have been able to identify theirs on their head, thighs among several other parts of the body.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Before we look at the meaning these birthmarks could have, let us quickly analyze what could cause birthmarks according to science.

From a medical point of view, birthmarks are said to develop due to the formation of some skin pigments that did not make it to the surface of the skin. These skin pigments get lodged in the deeper layers of the skin.

In some cases, birthmarks are not formed as a result of skin pigments being lodged in the deeper layers of the skin rather, they are formed as a result of faulty blood vessels, which could have been ruptured beneath the skin.

Despite the fact that modern knowledge portrays birthmarks to be caused by either skin pigments that were trapped in the deep layers of the skin or faulty blood vessels that could have been ruptured beneath the skin, traditionally birthmarks are perceived to be as a result of several factors.

Traditionally, birthmarks are believed to express a person’s traits or characteristics. They are also believed to have appeared on the body as a result of an action undertaken by the mother or as a result of something that had happened while the mother was pregnant for the baby. Birthmarks can also signify an event that had taken place in a person’s past life.

As stated earlier, birthmarks could be found on various parts of the body. Traditionally, it is believed that the part of the body on which the birthmark is found has a whole lot on how the child would behave when they grow up.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. For instance, if birthmark is found on the right foot of an individual, it means that the person would travel to different parts of the world during his lifetime. In cases where it occurs on the left foot, the individual would be very brilliant and would excel academically.

A birthmark that is found at the Stomach or abdomen means that that individual is greedy as well as self-centered.

When birthmarks are found on the chest, either the left or the right, they mean that the individual would have good luck as well as attain great heights in life.

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When birthmarks are found at the jaw of an individual, traditionally it means that person would have a poor health when he or she grows up.

Those who have their birthmarks at their backs are believed to be honest and truthful in their dealings with people.

While those who have birthmarks on their legs are believed to be independent when they grow up, those with birthmarks on their fingers are believed to enjoy making decisions in situations.

Birthmark on the left shoulder means that one would be poor while birthmarks when found on the right shoulder of an individual means that the person would be wealthy in life.

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While these traditional meaning and cause of birthmarks have been believed by many to be true, quite a number of people doubt how reliable it is.

What do you think about birthmarks?

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Do you have any? If yes, where is yours located and what do you think it means traditionally?

If you don't have a birthmark, do you fancy and wish you had one?

Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section if you have any as I would be readily available to provide answers to all the questions asked.

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