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Before You Sleep Tonight, Say These Prayer Points To Wage War Against Evil Doers

Simplyblog 06/24/2020

1. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit to. Father here lam in your present tonight with a heart loaded up with appreciation. I love you for your kindness and your infinite mercy. Much thanks to you for dealing with everything that worries me, much obliged to you for idealizing my flaws. 

2. Abba Father, I adore you for your mind-boggling love upon my life. The life of my relatives, my companions and everybody going through this. Be thou exalted in Jesus name. 

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3. Heavenly Father, you are too devoted to even consider failing me. You are too devoted to even consider disappointing me what you start in my Lord you will complete it in Jesus name . I will live to vouch for your decency upon my life in Jesus name. 

4. Father in paradise, you are the unchangeable God, you are the same yesterday, today and for eternity. Father similarly as you convey the individuals of Israelite, father I supplicate your convey us your kids in this unsafe time. In your words you said you will protect us from mystery traps and lethal infections. No detestable will come upon us in Jesus name. 

5. Lord of leniency and empathy have mercy on me and my family in Jesus name. May the sum total of what that has been lost be reestablish and everything returning better to the glorification of your name. In Jesus name 

6. My Lord and my God am petitioning you for the pregnant ladies. I implore you convey them securely in time of their work. May the child they conceived carry euphoria to the family. And for those searching for the product of the belly be honored in Jesus name. 

7. Lord Jesus tonight am appealing to you concerning different medical clinics and homes. Father your are the best healer I ask they get their recuperating tonight in Jesus name. 

8. My Lord and my God am petitioning night for an abundant reap in our homes this year in Jesus name. 

9. Heavenly Father, I am petitioning tonight for you to associate us to with men of impact that will completely change ourselves for the better in Jesus name. 

Now Pray Against Evil Doers:

10. Abba Father, Thank you for making it feasible for us to see the end of this day. Father as we are getting ready to go to our bed I implore you send your angels to shield us from the catch of the evil doers in Jesus name. I proclaim and pronounce in your name for a superior tomorrow in Jesus name. For the sake of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

11. Father lord, we pray that every evil doers gathering up against our success and our promotion in Life, the evil shall backfire to them in Jesus name.

12. Father Lord, every evil doer doing like a good person to me I cast and bind them inthe name of Jesus. Receive fire and be destroyed in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for answered prayers, Thank you Lord for it changth not. For in Jesus name We have prayed.

If you believe the Lord has answered your prayers and admonitions. Please let me know by commenting Amen and kindly sharing to others so that they can also take part from the blessing.

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Amen in thy mighty name of Jesus Christ
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