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Skills that will fetch you money in Nigeria 2020

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Top 5 skill to learn 2020: 2020 is the beginning of a new decade, yet the year is on a fast track. Don’t just sit back and watch the year run without acquiring a new skill. In this post, we have gathered some top-notch skills to prepare you for the decade. Note: these skills have been in existence long ago, and still blazing hot and they are here to stay. The amazing thing about these skills is that it requires no certificate to learn, and no matter how saturated these skills may be, there is always a winning point provided you play your cards right. So let’s dive right in.


This is a top-notch skill to prepare you for the decade. This skill is generating great revenue for Nigerians. How does it feel to be able to generate six figures monthly working from the comfort of your bed?. However, you should have this at the back of your mind, that development is different from web design. Once you acquire this skill you should start promoting or showcasing your skill on various social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and the rest.


This should be the top skills to learn in 2020. Without a doubt, millions of blogs are being published on a daily basis. Even so, there are bloggers who are earning seven figures monthly. Obviously, for you to stay relevant in the game of blogging, you need to be consistent, publish great content frequently in order to keep your users glued to your blog. Above all, this skill has made a lot of Nigerians millionaires, you cannot think about blogging without thinking about the big fish in the game like Linda ikeji, jide ogunsanya and lots more. These guys literally became millionaires through blogging, and their blogs are widely known in Nigeria and Africa as a whole

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