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8 Practical Ideas to Help You Overcome Boredom Wherever You May be

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Boredom usually stems from unexciting routine. And when it becomes prolonged, it could really be frustrating and for many others, early depression.

However, here are 8 ideas you can try to help you jump out of boredom.

1. Take a walk around you neighborhood, go as far as you can go on foot and seek streets you may never have gone to before. Don't do this in the night "sha", safety first.

2. Look for a nearby Charity or social or community development event and volunteer your time and effort. It will give you a sense of contribution and fulfillment

3. Join a public cab or bus and follow it to the last stop and come back. You would have seen plenty drama on your way and back

4. Join a meaningful online challenge, post and also engage others, just for the fun. But don't over do or participate in rants and racy stuffs, meaningful stuffs only.

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5. Learn a new life skill or creative like swimming, driving, cooking, painting, a music instruments, just or the sake of learning, It will de-congest your brain and free you up inside.

6. Watch some children movie or cartoon, they have a way of making you feel like a child again and smile like one, free and happy.

7. Re-arrange you room or space. It will keep you busy and creative. organize your wardrobe, shelves, etc.

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8. If you have a dear friend r relative that can accommodate you for a few days in the same city, take some days off to the other side of town. you will come back pretty refreshed

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