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Ladies Can you marry a broke guy?

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A broke man is always comfortable at his current situation, he is never quick to look for a job because he knows that you are there to settle everything. It is 100% nonsense. Taking care of a man who cannot take care of himself is unheard of. Since creation, it a man's job to take care of the woman and not vice-versa.

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Being broke and being in love is not always a bad thing. While ladies would always say they can't date broke guys, there are those that don't mind doing so. You cannot go into this kind of relationship based on half-baked convictions. ... You also need to be reasonably sure of the kind of guy you're about to date.

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Dating while broke puts things into perspective. The only things you really need to be happy are food, shelter, water, and love. If you have those four things, you should consider yourself good to go. At the very least, being broke allows you to realize how much you have, even if it's not much.

The likely end result of a love affair without financial support really from the man's side is tragedy. ... However the survival of your love life is entirely dependent on you and the choices you make with your partner. With or without money, your relationship can survive as long as the both of you want it to

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