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Suicide is Never the Option: Before You Drink that Snipper, Read this.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In this 21st century, the rate of suicidal cases is very high as we see news and reports coming in daily, both local and international. Recently, Nigerians too are much involved as we all read the news every day. Many thought suicides are the best option to bring an end to particular situations they found themselves in. Among some of these situations are View pictures in App save up to 80% data. depression, frustration, disappointment, and loose of hope. The truth is, these things are painful indeed but is suicide the solution or the best option to it? let's briefly find out in this article as you read along.

One thing everyone needs to know is; the best way to not get involved in anything that might hurt at the end of the day is to not start it at all. why would you manage or stick to a situation that always takes away your peace and happiness? why would you believe in a person or a thing despite strong warning signals from your consciousness for a long time? that is the root of many depression, frustration, and loose of hope. and when the expectations are not met, some choose to end their life to get over it all, and that is bad. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The alarming rate of suicide in Nigeria made me write this article. we've seen how youth, single mothers, married men, and women ending their lives in a miserable way all in the name of ending all the problems.

But I want to tell you that committing suicide has never can never be a solution to life problems.

Consider this thing;

1-Another chance:

As a person always know that there is always another chance in life. if there is life there is hope. why ending your life in a foolish way only because yesterday wasn't good? there are over 1 billion people passing through the same problem in life but have not ended it all, and we later see them being successful.

Because he or she refused to marry you, another person would surely come. it means they are not meant for you and never loved you, so you have to look another way and let them be no matter how deep you are in love with that person. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. if the business failed, money lost, sickness strike, love disappeared, situations worsen, everywhere is dark, yes don't panic, look inside you and tell yourself that tomorrow would be great, then keep moving and going.

If you can come this far, then keep your head up and look forward to better days ahead.

2-Your self-worth:

Who deceived you that your happiness and balance depend on people or situations? you should know by now that God created you alone and alone. you are special in your own unique way. let not things and circumstances around you defined you as a person. you should know how valuable you are to yourself and society.

if a person can't accept you the way you are let him or her give way. if they can't respect you as far as you've respected your self, give way. some people have bad energy that they come into your life and cause so much harm and damages .when View pictures in App save up to 80% data. you noticed such time of person avoid them because you have to value your self more than anyone. the same thing is also applied to a situation. don't get involved in anything that degrades you as a person. like having high expectations about life and people. always remember that you are unique and no one is like you. Respect your opinion and refused to get intimidated by anyone.


Always know that in the midst of it all God is still by your side. He loves you just the way you are and looking forward to make things better for you. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Ending it is not an option. think about his abilities and promises, stick to them until you die then it's not over. God is our refuge in any situation. keep looking up to him.


Please I beg you, run from anything that will harm your life. distance your self far from it. shun gambling, wrong relationship, errors, full trust, a strong belief in something, or someone. just distanced your self. if you tried it a million times its not working run and change directions. if he or she don't value you take a distance. Step back! I repeat step back!


Do you have a love for those you are leaving behind? how about the children, and siblings? how about your patents, spouses, or friend? is that how you are going to leave them in pains all the days of their lives, because of your decision to end your life by yourself? consider them and look forward. your parents spend all their time, energy, and resources to see you make it in life, is that how you are going to pay them? suicide is never an option please

6-The solution:

can killing your self solve the problem? ask your self. with or without your life continues. the solution to an unsolved problem is to just leave it, because by dying or living nothing would change. suicide is never an option not solution to life misfortunes.

7-The consequences:

Do you know you are the worst enemy of life? think about the pain you will cause to everyone. The family you left behind, the expenses of burial and taking care of those you left behind. you left, yet the problem wasn't solved, instead you created more problems to people by ending your life. please suicide is never the option not the solution.


in conclusion, I still want you to believe that suicide is never an option to bring an end to frustration, depression, and loose of hope. go and spray that sniper on insects and live your life like a star who is not moved by what life offers but what God says about you.

Thanks for reading and do well to share to save somebody. you might not know who needs this piece.

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Suicide is never the option. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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