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Before Travelling to Any State in Nigeria, Make Sure You Have these 3 Things [OPINION]

UpdateArena 06/29/2020

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I am certain everyone is rejoicing and praising the federal government for lifting the ban placed on Inter-State Travelling or movement. It is also worthy to note that the Coronavirus ravaging the country is still very much active as such everyone should also be cautious while travelling to any State.

Please, I won't appreciate it if you end up dropping derogatory statements in the comment section, just read this article with a normal mindset. This is purely a product of my thoughts and it is aimed at educating people that travel on a steady basis.

So, before you hop into the bus or your car to travel to any State in Nigeria, its important you take the three things I'm going to highlight below with you for your own safety and to be free from embarrassment from road workers.

Below are the Three[3] Things You Should Have Before Travelling to any State in Nigeria;

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1. Face Masks or Nose Masks: considering the number of people that will be on each seat especially if you are planning to travel via a public bus. It is important you take with you a face mask to prevent contracting the Coronavirus on your way because it will only be disastrous to move to another state with the virus and thus infecting more people including your family members.

Take note of this because it is highly important not just for formality but because of your health and protection from the virus. Remember that it has no cure, so don't take any precautionary measure for granted.

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2. Hand Sanitizers: it is also important that before you board any public bus, make sure you take with you a hand sanitizer. This will enable you wash and clean your hands at any given opportunity. This is necessary because it is impossible not to shake hands or touch several locations while trying to board a bus for your journey. It is therefore important you take with you a hand sanitizer that will serve as your mini protection from the virus while we all await the announcement of a cure or vaccine.

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3. Put on a Protective Attire: last but not the least, before you embark on a journey now that the Inter-State Lockdown has been lifted, it's important that you put on a Protective gear or attire. Something that can Atleast protect your body fully while in the vehicle.

The coronavirus is a very serious issue and should be treated as such, try as much as you can to protect yourself. The virus is real and adhering to the above tips would ensure that you stay safe from the virus atleast while still in the vehicle.

If you enjoyed this article and love my writing style, just follow this handle and also say so via the comment section. I love Nigeria!

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Top Comments
MinisterEmmanuelNDUKWE · 06/30/2020
FGN should give presidential STRONG orders to police men on Nigerian roads mostly traveling roads to dismantle this unnecessary road blocks with log of tree & tyres which they put on many busy roads to suffer drivers collecting money from the with IMPUNITY. thereby causing LONG traffic hold ups for hours with minding, while TRAVELLERS and drivers suffer so much making a journey of 12 hours to last A day and HALF. Plz PMB Direct IGP to see to the end of this wickedness of Nigerian police on height ways.
+234-703328**** · 06/30/2020
you see I will not lie to you since this issue of corona virus I don't believe is here in Nigeria and I always abuse anyone that is talking about it but the way you reasonably put this your write up I'm touched in did you have manner of approach thank you a lot if I'm to travel now even doe I known their is no corona virus in Nigeria I will for the first time protect my self thank you and GOD bless
ChineduNwaka · 06/30/2020
A good advice for the listening ears
+234-0903702**** · 06/30/2020
A good idea but remember sanitizer is highly inflammable and you could put the lives of the driver and commuters at risk. The third option appears abit impossible. where can one have protective attire when health workers are complaining of its shortage for the course of discharging their legitimate duties.

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