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Police arrest Pastor, alleged of smuggling of arms and ammunition into Delta State.

GladHerbert 06/26/2020

Delta State Police Command have uncovered six rifles from an abandoned building in a church environment in Asaba.

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The pastor leaving in the church, Fidelix Nwansa, was arrested. The pastor overseeing the Christ Holy Church, was put in police custody for alleged smuggling of arms and ammunition with a pretence of securing the church and hotels in the vicinity side by side vigilante groups.

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Knowing the incident, Mr Hafiz Inuwa the state commissioner of police said on Thursday said that the pastor’s arrest was carried of by two of his police men earlier during mop up activities . View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The Command of State Police says that people from the far side of Niger are in vigilantes and bandits into Delta State all for giving security for churches and hotels, not remembering that it is forbidden by law to do so, stating that vigilantes from other area cannot operate in a state that is not there origin.

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Further more, they are armed with riffles. Without doubt, there is a possibility that they have an ulterior motive for bringing these criminals.

Commander of State Police also said the police has detained the head of a vigilante group, known as Freeman. The vigilante head and the clergyman hails from Anambara State.

The investigation shows that putting pastor in police custody, led him to confess that recovered firearms is a property of Anambra vigilante group.

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