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7 Reasons Why Dogs Attack their Owners

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Dogs are the best pet anybody can keep. That is why they are referred to as "man's best friend". But we must have a good knowledge of how dogs behave before we start keeping them as pets. This is because many who kept dogs as pets lost their lives or the lives of their children as a result. So in our careful research we have discovered some reasons why dogs attack their owners and this information will be very useful to you, if you are keeping or you want to keep dogs as pets.

Below are why dogs attack their owners:

1. Hunger

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If you know, you do not have the financial strength to feed a dog, don't mind buying one as a pet, no matter how much you love them as pets. Dogs are very expensive when it comes to feeding because they eat almost all the things humans eat and require even more nutritional food because they are carnivores. Your dog looks up to you for all it's nutritional and medicinal needs and cannot understand your predicament if you cannot afford it. So failure to provide them with their needs, leads to hostility against the owner.

2. Epilepsy or Seizure

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Most dogs do not recognize their owners when they are having seizures. If you live alone and you know you have a history of seizures, never mind buying a dog. Most dogs attack the owner when they are having seizures. Della Riley was brutally killed by her dog in 2018, when she had a seizure.

3. Fighting within Members of the family

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Dogs take sides with their beloved member of the family, when two members of the family are fighting. If your dog loves you and you are fighting with your wife, your wife's life is in danger as the dog will assist you in the fight. The same thing may apply when you are beating or flogging your children in the presence of your dog. The less preferred person is at the risk of dog bite.

4. Their natural temperament

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Different dog breeds have different temperament and attitude. You must know the parents of the puppy you want to buy. This has a great role to play in the temperament of your dog. Carefully select your dog breed based on your family consideration and your need for a dog.

5. Your dog should not be tougher than you

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Your dog is your servant. It measures the strength and capability of the handler. Your dogs allegiance to you is based on its assessment of your capability. If you are a single woman living alone, don't go for an aggressive dog. It will not show respect to you. A 22 years old woman, Bethany Lynn Stephens took her two Pitbulls for a walk in the field and was brutally attacked and killed by her own dogs in December 2017.

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Bethany Lynn Stephens

6. Lack of experience

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Dogs cause enormous pain to inexperienced dog handles. Aggressive dogs must not be kept with baby's alone or freely be kept with children. As some dogs like rottweiler would bite a running child even if the child is playing.

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7. Rabbies

Some dogs that are not well vaccinated against a deadly disease called rabbies lack the mental capability to live with humans. The disease will make them to attack Humans indiscriminately and an attack by a rabbied dog would be fatal if not well treated by experienced veterinarian.

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