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If Barcelona Loses Against Atletico Madrid, See what Will be their Fate.

Oriohac 06/29/2020

The Spanish League popularly known as the Spanish Laliga has entered into it's crucial stages, where teams will know their fate, where they will know the position they will finish up on the table and to also know the competitions they will be participating in, in the next season.

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Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two clubs in running for the Spanish League title, with Barcelona and Real exchanging positions at the top all through the season, Real Madrid are the latest to lead the table with Barcelona dropping points at Seville against Sevilla and against Celta Vigo, drawing 0-0 and 2-2 respectively, with Real going on to win all their matches since the restart.

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Barcelona will not afford to lose to third placed Atletico Madrid, who are fighting too, to keep their position on the top 4 of the Liga table so they can be able to participate in next seasons Champions league, when the two teams meet tomorrow, Tuesday 30th, June, 2020 it will be one of the biggest games in the league since the restart, which can mar Barcelona's season if they lose or at least give them hope if the win and then hope for Real Madrid to drop points, below is the league result after week 32:

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After the round 32 matches this is now the shape of the league table:

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So if Barcelona fails to win they may be 5 points as at the time Madrid will play, for every Barcelona fan and players as well, it is a worrying time:

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What do you think about the Atletico Vs Barcelona Match tomorrow, make your opinions heard in the comments section.

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PiiAbraham_01 · 06/30/2020
another draw
AllahuAkubar · 06/30/2020
ATM is going to win by 2.0 Barcelona
Efcc · 06/30/2020
ATM Will win
KelvinEJ · 06/30/2020
Draw match

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