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How Covid-19 Revealed The Secret Of Many Fake Pastors In Nigeria

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Global Heath challenge known as Covid-19 has in no small measure affected all sphere of humans' endeavors across the world. The deadly virus has revealed many things that were hidden in the past, most especially in the Church of God.

Some of the secrets revealed by Covid-19 are the fake pastors who professed to be Gospel crusaders but are business men and women. In fact many of their so called Churches are supposed to be called business enterprises or ventures instead of ministries.

Many of them, who usually pretend by sponsoring Radio and Television programmes, in the name of spreading the gospel, but later use the medium to announce their crusades and services, through which they lured several innocent people and scam them are no where to be found now.

Those pastors, prophets or whatever they called themselves have stopped their radio and Television programmes, because Covid-19 has suspended large religious gathering in many States, and forbid any kind of worship in some States. Since Continue sponsoring of those programmes will not yield profits for them. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I personally monitored some Radio and Television stations where those programmes were being held before Covid-19 and discovered that they have stopped those programmes, the truth is that if Christ is truly their messages, they wouldn't have stopped, as the lockdown period is the most important period for the word of God to be preached.

The true men of God are the few that are currently proclaiming the gospel despite the Covid-19 challenges, with belief that the people must be taught the word of God irrespective of the prevalent challenges. In fact, some of these true men of God, have bought more times from different Radio and Television stations for wide proclamation of the Gospel across the Nation in a time like this.

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Many of these fake men and women of God also own and control mountains where they extort many Innocent people who are in dare need of miracles. Fake things don't last long only genuine substance can last.

It's better for those fake men and women of God to repent before it's too late. Gospel should not be attached to personal gain but eternal gain.

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AdewoyeComfort · 06/30/2020
God will arrest their souls

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