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“Buhari Is Right Recognizing Victor Giadom As The Acting, National, Chairman Of APC” — Lawyer Ubani

Alrasad 06/25/2020

“Buhari Is Right Recognizing Victor Giadom As The Acting, National, Chairman Of APC” — Monday Ubani

Lawyer- Monday Ubani defends Buhari stance on Supporting Victor Giadom as the acting national chairman of APC

As the power tussle between the two warring factions in APC intensifies, there are several legal questions left unanswered.

One of which is the fact that President Buhari seems to recognize Victor Giadom as the acting national chairman of the party over Hilliard Etta. Hilliard Etta belongs is loyal to the suspended national chairman. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

In this interview, 'Channel TV' correspondent asked a legal practitioner by name Monday Ubani on the current APC leadership tussle among other.

Cor: What's your own interpretation of what's going on?

I think the President has gotten what we call quality legal advice by recognising Victor Giadom as the acting national chairman and as the one in best position to preside over the APC NEC meeting today. Most times I listen to APC members and that don't what to actually listen to history and legal happenings of the past.

As at the time Victor Giadomwent to Court, he was the highest ranking member after suspended Adams Oshiomole.

And APC members have always failed to people the truth. They keep on mentioning the issue of deputy.

As at the time he went to Court to get that order, they forget to tell Nigerians Victor Giadom was the highest ranking member.

When that order was given, you either set it aside or vacate by a higher court. Since that order was given, nobody has done such.

And that order still remains valid. Mr President has gotten right legal advice to avoid causing problems for the political party itself.

There are concerns that the NEC should be held atleast one week after summoning for it.

APC should know they don't have much time.They have just Monday to submit their candidate. The deadline is Monday 29 June by 6p.m.

Instead of APC members doing what we call damage controlaway from dragging themselves on this issue because they have limited time, which is next week Monday to submit names of political candidates.

This is an internal crisis of the party an d I don't INEC would say because you didn't call NEC meeting, we won't accept any candidate you have provided. They should employ damage control line of action now in order to meet up with INEC submission.

What do you think would be happening at APC meeting today in Abuja?

Honestly, I don't know but I think what is likely to happen is to establish who signs the form of the chosen governorship candidate of the party to be handed over to INEC. Remember the election is coming up in September.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

What are your opinions on Mr Monday Ubani stance defending President Muhammadu Buhari recognizing Victor Giadom as the acting National Chairman of ruling APC?

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