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See Reason Why Some Men Hit Woman.

Read.Sandra 1d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Men hitting and abusing women isn't news anymore. We've all heard about stories and have probably seen men who beat up women. And due to the "Corona Stay At Home" Order, this issue is growing within homes all around the world.

In fact, the UN women have said that one (1) in three (3) women worldwide is suffering from being hit by their partners . The question we all haven't ask is "Why" . Why do some men hit women? I've asked questions and have concluded that:

Men hit women mostly out of weakness and a need to control something in their lives. Yes you heard that. They're always trying to express how strong they think they're, or trying to show they're in control of something, someone, anything (however this is never a good way of showing you're a man). But I have found out that men who hit women have no tales or stories of hitting men. They're that weak.

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