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Okada Riders Stone Man To Death For Hitting Partially-Blind Man In Lagos

belwas 06/29/2020

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Hardly a month goes by in Nigeria without recording cases of jungle justice. From alleged thieves to kidnappers and hit and run drivers, the Nigerian mob in a fit of madness can carry out dire punishments on them.

It was reported that a businessman by the name Usman Yamah was stoned to death by angry okada riders in the Elepe area of the Ikorodu North Local Government Area of Lagos State.

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Source: Legit.ng

He was killed because he allegedly hit a partially blind man with his car and zoomed off. This infuriated motorcyclists and they intercepted him. When they caught up with him they began to stone him. According to other accounts, he was stabbed to death.

An eyewitness said, “Some motorcyclists stabbed a man to death on Monday. The man went to Ikorodu and on his way back, he hit someone with his vehicle and the victim fell, but did not die. So, the motorcyclists trailed him from where he hit the person to Elepe, where there are potholes on the road.

“The man had to slow down because of the bad road and it was at that point that they got him. They smashed the windscreen of his vehicle, brought out their daggers, pulled the man out and stabbed him four times in his stomach and he died on the spot. The police have taken the corpse to the mortuary.”

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Source: Businessday.n

For the umpteenth time, we will like to condemn the barbaric act of jungle justice in Nigeria. This is not to hold brief for Usman Yamah. But having caught up with him, they could have handed him over to the police.

Stoning that man to death is not justice. It's sheer barbarity and it is condemned. We should do better as a society.

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