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N-POWER: Why Nobody Can Scam You Using Your BVN, All Applicants Take Note

Nehemcy 06/29/2020

Since the inception of BVN some years ago, rumors has been going around that if someone has access to you BVN number they will empty all your money, this is nothing but untrue statement from unreliable source. Disregard anything such information without source.

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Nobody can withdraw your money using your BVN number. The only thing that could happen when people have access to your BVN is to know your bank details e.g bank name, date of birth, phone number etc. The banking system is structured in the way that, except someone has access to your ATM card, alart sim and ATM pin code nobody can temper with your savings in the bank.

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The only thing scammers can do is to call you after taking your number from your bank details to request for ATM card details. This is the aspect your should be careful with. Do not reveal your card details to any one claiming to be bank staff. If there is any issues with your account kindly go to the bank and fix it yourself. Bank will never call you and request for such information. Be guided.

Don't panic about being scammed using your BVN and reprived your self from the ongoing npower registration. Disregard any news concerning that on social media pages. Is not true and nothing of that nature can happen.

Kindly forward this post to other potential applicants.

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GodswillEzema · 06/30/2020
Mehn I lik dis information
+234-706918**** · 06/29/2020
Tanks sir, revealing Bvn is scary
NoahThomas · 07/1/2020
ChiyaksLinus · 07/1/2020
This information is key and timely, very important thanks sir.

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