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Fiction: I Followed My Wife To Her Village, And in the Morning I Met This Old Woman Outside

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My wife and I have been married for three years now, though we are yet to have a child. We have done everything we can, have visited the best hospitals here in Lagos where we stay, but nothing has come out of it. But we continued to hope and prayed, hoping that we will be blessed with a child someday.

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We even tried IVF a couple of times without success, and with so much money wasted on it, so we finally gave up on it, and just decided to pray about it.

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So a few days ago, my wife received a call from her village that her mother is ill, and needed medical attention. My wife and I immediately sent money so that she could be taken to the hospital.

But still, my wife was still worried, and was eager to see her mother. She told me that she wanted to go to her village, and because I was worried about her, I told her that I would follow her there.

We packed a few things, and left for her village two days ago.

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When we got to her village, her mother had already been discharged from the hospital, and was convalescing in the house. We had bought her some fruits and groceries on the way, and we hoped they will be of help to her.

My wife's parents are aged, but my wife had gotten someone in the village there to take care of them. My wife is the only child of her parents, and has been doing her best to take care of them.

We spent the night there in the spare room in her family house, as we planned to stay there for two or three days. But in the morning, when when I woke up and went to urinate, I met this old woman outside.

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She was just sitting there on the ground, and facing down. I looked around the compound to see if there was any other person in sight, but there was none. I was a bit scared, but I forced myself to be brave.

I went closer to her, and asked her what she was doing there. She looked up, and told me that she came to see me. I thought she was making a mistake, and told her that I didn't think she was talking about me. But she said that it's me she meant.

I asked her why she wanted to see me, and she then told me that she saw when I came to the village yesterday with my wife. She then reminded me of the day I gave her money when I came to the village the last time, and said that she never forgot that kind gesture from me.

She then said that she has been waiting for the day I would return to the village so that she could tell me something. She said that she knows the reason that my wife has not been able to have a child since our marriage.

I was alarmed, and asked her to tell me the reason. But she said that she couldn't tell me then, but gave me the address of her house to come and see her. She said I should come unfailing and she would tell me everything. After that, she turned and left the compound.

Since that morning, I began to be very confused. My wife noticed my change of mood, and asked me what the problem is, but I refused to tell her.

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Now my problem is that, I don't know if that woman is trying to set me up, or if truly she has a secret she wants to tell me. I've been worried too about whether to tell my wife this or keep it to myself.

I am writing this story here so that people can help me with advice. Should I go and see the woman in the place she asked me to come and meet her, or should I forget about it? And should I tell my wife about this, or keep it from her?

I am confused right now, and need your opinion. Please advise me on what is best for me to do now.

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Top Comments
AdaureChikwendu · 06/29/2020
Since the old woman is from your wife's village tell her about it, that's why you people are one. Do not try to hide anything from your wife.
[email protected] · 06/29/2020
make sure that somebody follow u to the place
WestRichard · 06/30/2020
Tell your wife about it and if you are going, let her know and possibly follow you but keep away as you approach
+234-806279**** · 06/29/2020
If it is true that you gave her money before as she claimed, you can go and see her,she may have solutions to your barreness and don't tell your wife until you get to the root of the matter

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