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"Nigeria going on another COMPLETE LOCKDOWN from JULY will be the best option"- Boss Mustapha

Cyrus.b 06/26/2020

It seems very likely that the fight against coronavirus is yet to be fought completely, and the presidential task force on covid19, Boss Mustapha has shed light on the issue. The chairman, on Thursday made it known that if he had the powers to do so, he will ensure another complete lockdown from July, as it is the best option so far.

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Boss Mustapha said though it isn't pleasing to the ears, but majority of Nigerians aren't taking the continuous spread of the virus seriously, despite its increasing rate, and as such another lockdown should be enforced. He noted that they are playing with it like "Tom and Jerry" ,and the "romance" between the virus with Nigerians is unbearable.

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He furthermore stated that with over 500 deaths recorded in respect to the deadly virus, one can't say they don't know anyone who have fallen victim to the virus, as he urged Nigerians to take it seriously, as he virus actually exists. What's your opinion towards this, do you think another lockdown is best option for the safety of all Nigerians, put your thoughts in the comment section below and share to others

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Top Comments
DominicMbashinya · 06/26/2020
when the virus kills you then we will know that it is true.
+234-0803644**** · 06/26/2020
You people are the cause. Other countries did lockdown & their citizens obeyed bc they made available enough palliative that could sustain individuals & families. But in our own case here, it was a big problem. You locked everywhere down, no money, no food. The donations made by some good people & other organizations were not seen anywhere. You give a whole family two mudu of rice,two mudu of spoiled garri, two mudu of beans & two sachets of semovita to eat for two months plus while you're busy sharing & enjoying the money. You want people to stay at home & die of hunger. And this so called palliative did go round. Those that didn't get it are much more than those that got it.How do you expect Nigerians to sit at home in the name of obeying the govt.You're just punishing innocent citizens in the name of fighting covid-19.
+234-703328**** · 06/26/2020
thunder fire you mouth there
JibrilUsman_04 · 06/26/2020
what d leaders put down fr d poor people of Nigeria?

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