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The mystery behind names.

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Have you ever met someone that doesn't have a name? Like, anything he's called? He is nothing. He has nothing he goes by. 

It'd be funny. Let's imagine this:

You meet someone in a meeting and ask him, "What's your name?" 

He looks surprised. "Nothing, I don't have a name." He says.

"You mean you don't have a name?" That was surprising to you.

He affirms. 

"Okay, what do you do? Like what's your profession?" 

Do you realize when you asked that you are trying to get around something to call him? You are trying to get him some relevance with you. You are trying to "know" him. 

Let's say he tells you he is a drummer. Phew! Now you've finally gotten something to place your hand on and get to him. Next time you see him, since he doesn't have a "name", you call him, "the drummer." That becomes his "name" -- his relevance, his reality to you. 

Names are given to make one relevant and significant. Real.

Okay, let's say he tells you he has nothing doing. Like, he doesn't live anywhere, he doesn't have any skill or job, he isn't known for anything. It'd be really hard to have any regard for such person. 

It is becoming hard for you, you are getting irritated. You push a step further, you look at him and pick a feature. You call him the tall boy, the dark-skinned boy, the stutterer. You do those to get him relevant to you. 

What if he doesn't have any of those? Like, he isn't tall or short (remember, you are imagining and anything is possible), he is either dark nor fair, he doesn't have any voice range to signify him. He doesn't have a form. He is useless.

You'd just give up and leave. To you, that person doesn't exist. Even a baby born just now, unchristened is more significant than him because he has a skin colour and some other features to be remembered for.

But this dude here is insignificant. He is useless in this life. He has nothing to be remembered for, like he says, he is nothing, nobody in this in this life.

Now, when the bible says, "... God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: ... at the name of Jesus every knee should bow..." (Phil 2 vs 9 -10), 

he meant that God has given him the greatest relevance, significance and respect above every other significance, relevance, dignity, personality, status. 

Whoever you are, you are still under the influence of that name and you can do nothing about it. Whatever the name, the status or respect of a sickness or disease, it is still subject that name.

Every thing in the earth, under the earth, in the heavens, sickness, disease, dignitaries, all are subject to this name. 

His name means his authority, personality, rank, respect. It is not the literal "Jesus." I have friends that bear that name too.

It is the power, respect and authority behind the name that makes it higher and above every other names -- even other Jesus'. 

And that same name is our eternal power forever. It is just a word away. "In the name of Jesus" has power, and whatever said afterwards happens instantly.

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