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See How Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Is Killing The Biafran Struggle Unknowingly (Opinion)

OduseDavid 06/26/2020

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No one can successfully argue that the Igbo people aren't the most wonderful people in Nigeria, especially in terms of human resources. However, the behaviour of a very noisy minority has limited the Igbos from attaining great heights, despite their rich human potentials.

Or have you not heard how the Igbos are claiming that the yet-to-be-had Biafra will bring "salvation" to the African continent? One Emefiana even went further to write a book titled, "IN BIAFRA AFRICA DIED."

Quite often, I do wonder whether the Igbo people are more cursed than being blessed. Otherwise, how can the Igbos speak so derogatorily about Africa in their struggle for Biafra? Is that not equal to making Biafra a dream that will never come to pass?

My biggest concern is that the learned Igbo are not doing anything significant to stop the ship from imminent wreckage.

Perhaps, the Igbo people have forgot that Odumegwu Ojukwu was the one that blew the opportunity Nnamdi Azikwe created for him to advertise Biafra in African leaders assembly.

Yes, stupid pride killed Col. Ojukwu and made him blaspheme the African continent when he ought to have been persuasive. It was a rare privilege created by Nnamdi Azikiwe that was wasted. Ojukwu was never cultured enough to lead a serious revolution like the agitation for Biafra.

Furthermore, Ojukwu saw himself as the "Superman", thereby silencing every dissenting voice via the use of "saboteur" tag.

Surprisingly, the Igbo people have not learned from the past, yet. Today, the Igbo are looking while Nnamdi Kanu repeat the same mistake. Kanu abuses Men of God, Igbo women (whom he often calls harlots), Niger Delta people (who he calls pipeline contractors), and even the South West (whom he calls traitors), and no one has ever asked him to stop that obnoxious manner.

A Man of God that used to accuse him of attempting to kill him was eventually killed, and nobody, I mean nobody, has even asked the runaway noisemakers to stop.

Whether the Easterners agree or not, Biafra has become a bitter pill for non-Igbo people to chew. Those few non-Igbo folks that talk about Biafra are only representing themselves.

Even the real Igbo stakeholders are not in any way supporting Biafra. Instead, they want Nigeria to be restructured. The noisy and unscrupulous Igbos that claimed that Biafra will change the African race have just succeeded in killing the actualization.

Such arrogant way of speech can only lead to a fall, and the project has suffered a huge fallback. In fact, Chukwu Ojukwu's case was even better, obviously. Presently, nobody is ready to show sympathy for Biafra. Even the Igbo folks will be so, so disunited concerning Biafra - all thanks to Nnamdi Kanu and his ill-mannered followers.

This unhealthy attitude won't help matters. It's only adding more fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his blind followers won't recognize their shortcomings, any time soon.

What do you think about this topic? Drop your honest opinions in the comments section. No insults or derogatory words will be taken lightly. Thanks for reading.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Ikechichukwunonso · 06/26/2020
if you said that he is not making any sense by saying that with out Biafra, Africa is Dead, tell your self the truth, Which part of Africa is more industrious than Aba,if Aba could be this industrious with out any help from any Government, come in think of it, when Biafra come in to existance, won't Aba be like China,then if Africa have a country that is like China, what will be the Faith of Africa Mr writer?
DikheAmakodi · 06/26/2020
Biafra, a house divided against itself. In igbo land everybody is leading. In igboland it is leadership by how much you have.
Wabane · 06/27/2020
It's like IPOB has no proper structure. Only few people seem to be running IPOB with their own ideas. IPOB is not all encompassing and all embracing even within the IBO land. It seems to me that it's only the youth that's championing the BIAFRA caus course. The abusive pastures of the IPOB against the elders of the Land and it's critics will not help in the actualisation if BIAFRA. The worst is that IPOB is not reaching out to the small ethic groups within BIAFRA to gain their confidence. Mrs Briggs have been campaigning against IPOB because there's no consultation for the purpose of mutual cohesion and mediation with other ethnic groups. IPOB should take her concerns serious because she's expressing the fears of others
OluchiOnyegbula_01 · 06/26/2020
In case you don't know, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a Prophet, chosen by God to put things in order. If you are fighting MNK, you are wasting your time. Again, stop writing nonsense. Biafra business with Nigeria is over. On Biafra we stand.

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