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21st Century type of love.

Uzomba 2d

The so called lovers of this century are so funny. And dramatic. Why should love be based on material things, this thing is so funny and arguable. Most men love women because of the women's shape. This is bad. Most women love men, because of the men's money. All this is bad, because, the money and hips, might be no more someday, this is bad. Let fellow guys and girls, know their ground, and also let them follow their heart and the relationship might last. Love because you love, not because anything materialistic is inside. Now the question is which type of love do you fall or belong to? It would be very right to say that the love of this century is based on list. Let us love and not lust. Following the times of old, it would be right to know or say that the love of then was love and not list, this is because they took it upon themselves to love. Let's love. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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