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How covid-19 exposed the weak healthcare system of Nigeria

AllNewsAfrica 06/26/2020

The bad news that many Nigerians woke up to recently, was the death of the former Oyo state governor, Ajimobi. Ajimobi who had been on a life-supporting machine, gave up the ghost recently at the age of 70.

We all know that the pandemic which had become a global threat, has pushed all Nations to close their airports in order to control the flying in of foreigners into their countries. Now, every country is left at the mercy of itself more like survive on your own. For several years, we know within ourselves as Nigerians that we have a very weak healthcare system, but miraculously we have been surviving even though some were not so lucky.

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For years, we saw our leaders fly out every time to get proper health care treatment abroad, well I can't really go back to explaining how they failed to revitalize the essence of the Nigerian hospitals, but it is now important to note that the weakness of our healthcare system has become so obvious.

Many people believed that Ajimobi would have survived, if he was flown abroad but as fate would have it, he could not be flown because of the region pandemic.

We cannot also forget the death of Abba Kyari, the former chief of staff to president Buhari. well, his death might be connected to old age, but there are still some speculations that he might have survived had he received treatment abroad. Why do we have to be this way? This means that the top countries with the best healthcare system can threaten us with that aspect of development. This is less of a concern to the citizens, but more of a concern to the politicians, who prefer to go abroad for their treatment.

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Many people say this is karma but believe me it is not, it is just something that could have been avoided if they had done something, and to me this is more like a lesson to these leaders. Who knows who might be next? This is the time for them to start bringing in sophisticated healthcare machines to treat the sick.

These leaders already believe that they are not doing enough in this country and now the not-enough is starting to hunt them with their lives. Build better healthcare system now and stay alive, because even your money will not save you if death comes calling.

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