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Read the powerful letter this high school student wrote on why she won't wear the name of her school

JoewixNews 06/25/2020

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Trude Sheep (left) and Hewan Knight, another first class sprinter who has vowed to not wear Lee's name. 

Peruse Sheep's letter in full: 

I am one of you(r) genuine African and first era African American understudies at REL. I am from Ghana, Africa where subjection initially started. I came to America in 2014. I have remained in the cells of the slave stronghold and seen the three foot pee and defecation stains on the dividers where my siblings and sisters were kept. I've seen the small opening at the highest point of the roof where they would toss food in to the caught spirits. I've strolled through the "Door of No Arrival" where more than 12 million of my siblings and sisters were grabbed never to return back to their home. I have worked the very fields and brought water for my family from the very places my kin were abducted. 

I adore and appreciate the games I play at REL. I can't be playing sports, supporting, and setting off to a school that was named after an individual who was against my kin directly here in the US. He possessed slaves and didn't accept individuals like me were 100% human not to mention ever go to my secondary school. I can't manage and will no longer wear his name on my race pullover. I'm presently the quickest young lady on your varsity crosscountry group. I held that place my ninth grade year and plan to do the equivalent my tenth grade year. 

I don't see an eventual fate of recalling an individual who failed to help our nation and who couldn't have cared less for me or my kin. He keeps on cutting our city down. 

As one of your dark understudies, I'm consciously requesting that you take up the REL name change issue. It would be ideal if you vote to change the name, not to "Tyler LEE" yet after somebody who we would all be able to be pleased with. Utilizing the reason that it would be excessively costly, isn't alright. This town was based on the backs of my subjugated siblings and sisters. Do it in their memory and respect the eventual fate of their precursors that are at REL. 

I trust you comprehend what I am accustomed to. 


Gertrude "Trude."

Source: opera.com
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