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2 Reasons why you should not travel immediately as federal government lifts travel ban

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It is no longer breaking news that the federal government has lifted the ban on inter state travel. As usual the news was met with excitement from intending travellers, and business men alike. As people prepare to travel to their various destinations to meet their loved ones, it Will be important for you to put the following reasons into consideration before embarking on your journey.

1. You should bear in mind that all federal roads will be very busy, as a result of a high number of people wanting to make a return journey back to their original destinations. This may cause reckless driving on the part of drivers, and long traffic gridlocks in places where the roads are terribly bad. Remember that this is the rainy season, and rain and bad roads don't go down well with heavy traffic.

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2. The inter state ban has been lifted, and as expected, motor parks will be parked with with intending travellers which may lead to the spread of the deadly disease. Most operators of motor parks may not adhere strictly to the guidelines put in place by the federal government. It will be wise to postpone your journey, until when the crowds in the motor parks have reduced, to avoid the risk of contracting the virus.

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It will be worthy to avoid travelling to state where cases of the disease has been highly recorded. Citizens are hereby advised to follow the laid down guidelines by the federal government, on social distancing. Strict adherence to this guidelines by passengers and motor park operators, will help in reducing the spread of the deadly disease.

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GUEST_O73v7vg7z · 06/30/2020
it's adviceable though!
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I agree with you
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You are a fool
GUEST_yDYyGNYjB · 07/3/2020
Absolutely correct

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