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If you are APC and PDP in Nigeria, what do you stand for?

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Democrats are mostly pro-choice, for higher taxes for the wealthiest, healthcare for all, bigger government, and other liberal policies. Republicans are mostly pro-life, lower taxes,smaller government, paid healthcare, and other illiberal policies.

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If you are APC and PDP in Nigeria, what do you stand for? What can we tell people that these are the things that separate you from others? I’m not talking about government now. I’m talking about individual and group values. What do members of APC believe in as their driving political values and cultures? What do members of PDP believe as their overriding political cultures and principles? What ?

The late Attorney-General, Chief Bola Ige told a bewildered nation about how he put together the paperwork of three different Political Organizations that became Political Parties. It was possible because the organizations are brothers or cousins.

The P in APC and P in PDP, are in different places mean different things to them. P in APC stands for “Progressive “ while the P in PDP stands for “ People”. Are we Progressive People? Do we show by our attitudes that we need Progress as a People?

Members of the two major parties are Nigerians; what are our predominant and pervasive values? How do we measure ideological growth when we have no ideology powering our politics?

Friends, I need real conversation, not some overused political rhetoric. If we don’t get things right from the lowest point, our suffering will have no expiration date.

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