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Five Reasons Depression should Never be an Option for You

Katmin 1d

It's a known fact that almost every human struggles with depression at one point in their lives, you might want to argue it but like i said 'this is a known fact'. As a matter of fact i can periodically tell you that i personally as an individual struggles with depression twice a month, if not more.

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Depression is that feeling of sadness, helplessness and restlessness that grips you once in a while. Being depressed often feels like carrying a very heavy burden in your heart, once you begin to feel like this, trust me you are falling into depression.

I am probably going to be talking about the different types of depression and ways to overcome them on my next post, but for now kindly stay with me till the very end.

People often get depressed for different reasons, some for lack of a job, admission, some due to break ups , some due to lack of children and so many other factors, infact being depressed is dependant on the negative occurrences and experiences going on in an individuals life at a particular time, but trust me all hope is not lost, as you can make a conscious decision today to fight back and win at all cost.

Now to the Koko, Five Reasons Depression should Never be an Option


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Those who acknowledge that there's always hope ahead always fight to win, you can't be hopeful and be struggling with depression at the same time, the two don't go, as depression is the enemy of hope.

2)Loved ones

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Life is not always about you, think of your loved ones and how they will feel or be affected if you fall into that state, you should always do better because the next person's happiness might be dependant on your state of mind.

3) Experiences

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Once you come to the realization that whatever you are going through is just a phase that will pass soon, then you begin to truly live, always remember that the experiences of today is what molds and shapes a better future for you, live through these experiences, embrace them and hope for a better tomorrow.

5) Purpose, Goals and Dreams

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Depression is the killjoy of Purpose, it will rob you of your dreams and goals and that should never be the case, think of your purpose, the reason you were created and how important you are to God and this Earth because you are truly important and choose happiness instead of depression.

Don't ever let your current situation or experience define you, own your moment and choose happiness daily. Remember you are not in this alone, we are in this together.

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