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"Men Na Hustle Go Kill Una, One thing I Don't Regret is Changing My Gender" - Bobrisky trolls Men

Mr.Awesomes.Blog 06/24/2020

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According to already famous Nigerian male barbie, other wise calldd cross dresser, Bobrisky, the male folks are meant to suffer a lot in life in order to make ends meet, while on the other hand, the women only have to sit idle only to enjoy these wealth made through the suffery of men.

The male barbie said that pretty women, where he categorized himself tend to enjoy more, simply because they are the ones who are most likely going to have wealthy men attracted to them and stay in their lives. 

His post reads ;

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He said One thing he does'nt regret at all is deciding to change his gender to female. He said that girls like him enjoy a lot and ended it by saying men will die of hustle.

He mentioned also that their only job is to cook for the men, sleep with them, and then push them out again to go and hustle.

We really can't trace where all this is coming from, but please air you view.

What Do You Have To Say To Bob Risky.

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Source: opera.com
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