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5 Reasons why Rema is better than Fireboy.

Okoroto 06/25/2020

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There have been many reactions and controversies pertaining Rema and Fireboy, who is a better singer. We all know that the two young promising Lad for the past year have being feeding us with great vibes. Fireboy is mentored by Olamide while Rema is with Donjazzy and D' prince.

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In this article, we will be discussing who is better between Rema and Fireboy. Our opinions are needed too.

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1: Rema has more international recognition:

On August 25th, 2019. American ex- president Barrack Obama revealed that the playlists of song him and his wife has been listening to in the 2019 summer,that Rema's songs are in it.

Recently, in a post made by Rema. He said that he is about to cry as he saw his name in a billboard in New York. Indeed, Rema has more international attention.

2: Rema is multi talented:

Rema's Indian flavoured makes him unique. He married afro beat with Indian flavours,making him the first artiste to be on that lane which is exceptional. He is alsogood in acting.

3: Rema has Large streaming:

The young lad at 19 years,at only about eight months of his nice career, have covered over 50 milion followers,on every social platform, indeed mind blowing.

4: Rema has more music projects and more release.

Mavin's record,jonzing world and Rema has in less than eight months delivered out three amazing projects,crossing through the Indian flavoured afro beat,to afro fusion and traps.

And Rema had released more songs than fireboy.

5: Rema has the biggest impact in music industry:

Winning the Headies Award of next rated and AFRIMA award. Rema has really contributed greatly in the massive growth in music industry. And also being in the list of Barrack Obama.

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Those are reasons why Rema have proven more quality than Fireboy.

Share your opinion on who is better.

Thanks for reading, like and share.

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Top Comments
JohnMadueke · 06/25/2020
if I slap your teeth
FaVour_06 · 06/25/2020
rema is better
JoeBoy_12 · 06/26/2020
This is just a rubbish post from a foolish post. fireboy is far better
KingsleyWisdomEmah · 06/25/2020

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