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EPL: Where Would You Prefer Liverpool Win The Trophy? At Manchester City Home Or Anfield?

9jaUpdates 06/25/2020

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The 2019/2020 English Premier League season games may end in the next week as the title contenders move closer to endpoints.

The season could have long been ended but was forcefully suspended for about three months following the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic which has so far claimed thousands of lives.

However, the season was restarted a few days ago and has since been very interesting.

While clubs keen to make it to top 4 are still battling for points and as well those struggling to escape relegation are desperate to step up, the whole drama may end within a coming week as Liverpool FC hoped to close up the remaining three points to win the trophy at the Etihad Stadium, home of their title rival, Manchester City.

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Liverpool on Wednesday, June 25 trashed Crystal Palace to 4-0 at Anfield to move closer to lifting this season's Premier League title after 30 years.

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Note: Manchester City vs Liverpool is coming up on Thursday, July 2.

It could be recalled that Liverpool's previous match with Everton ended with a goalless draw.

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There are many expressions of confidence that Liverpool could beat Manchester City in their next clash but some fans are saying that winning the trophy at home could make history much interesting.

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In your opinion, do you wish that Liverpool wins the trophy at the Etihad Stadium or at Anfield or elsewhere? Please share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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Davewin · 06/25/2020
for revenge purposes Manchester city Etihad stadium
ChimezieEmmanuel_04 · 06/25/2020
Manchester city

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