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Dbanj Vs Seyitan Rape Case: Why People Think D'Banj Might Be Guilty Of The Accusation

SynicNews 06/24/2020

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The drama between Seyitan, the lady that accused the Nigerian Popular artiste, Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo "Dbanj" seem not to be ending very soon as the lady in question seems not to be backing down but want to go all out this time around against D'banj.

According to the update given by Seyitan earlier today, she made us to understand what she has been going through since she came out to reveal what D'banj did to her some years ago.

Due to Dbanj's reaction to Seyitan's accusation by getting Seyitan arrested and put in the jail for 2 days, people think he's guilty and has given them no reason to doubt Seyitan's claim again.

These are the breakdown of what we think about the whole drama we've seen so far....

Seyitan Vs. Dbanj.

*Glee Hotel.: The Glee Hotel which was where the Seyitan said D'banj raped her is in the centre of this because of the following

- Breach of trust & ethics.

- Aiding & abetting a crime.


At the Hostel, it was gathered the D'banj gained access to Seyitan's hotel room which could only be possible if the door wasn't locked or D'banj used an extra key which could only be gotten from the Hotel's personnel. It was also gathered that, D'banj through his team ordered Seyitan to delete all her tweets that were talking about the incident.

- Unauthorized access to Seyitan's hotel room.

- Violation & rape.

- Kidnapping.

- Criminal Coercion.

- Destruction of evidence.

*Police: Police so far have been used in this case, people believed that D'banj used Police to harass Seyitan by putting her into jail.

- Abuse of due process.

- Illegal detainment.

- Harassment, inducement & perversion of justice.


- Criminal Coercion.

What do you think about this case ?

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