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If you want to live long, don't take this with levity

kelebobs 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. As we all know, water is very important to all living things, even plants and the so. There's hardly anything we can do without water. We need water to bath, to wash, to grow our plants, to cook, for drinking and other things. We can't do without making use of water on a daily basis.

I'm yet to see someone who is an enemy of water. When I mean an enemy of water, I mean someone who decides to fight with water for days by saying "water, I won't make use of you because we are fighting".Even a mad person can't say that.

Water is very significant to man. Even the birds of the air, the animals on land, the animals in water, the animals on tree, they all need water to survive. Most times, I wonder what this world would look like without water. Everytime that I make use of water, I'm always grateful to God for giving us a wonderful gift as water, especially when I'm very thirsty and my voice is starting to sound rough as a result of thirst. When I get water and it goes smoothly down my throat, satisfying my thirst, I feel so grateful and I imagine, what if there is no water,what would I have done?

God is so gracious. Why not thank Him for the gift of water? Do you know that 70% of human brain contains water???? Why not thank God for that wonderful brain you have, that you can even make good use of it to earn money on this platform?

Thank God today!!!

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