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FASHION: See a man dressed in a colourful attire.

proff_official 06/24/2020

Many people has shown themselves wearing different type of fashion clothes which brought more talk online.

Many people today wears fashionable clothes and post it online.

A man posted a photo of himself with a colourful material. This material is used to make his cloth including his cap, nose mask, shoe,chair, table, pillow, sanitizer and wine.

See the picture of the man below.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Looking at this picture we will see that the material is Ankara.

Ankara is a Yoruba attire which is worn by most Nigerians. It can be used to make any style of your choice. Nowadays it is used in making face mask.

This is colorful isn't it? Yes it is but this picture has brought more controversy online in which some people say that the picture is a Photoshop that it is not true. Many people dispute that while others are silent about it.

What can you say about this picture?

Drop your opinion in the comment box.

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