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Sad Story Of The 5 YEARS Old Girl That Died After Her Uncle Raped Her And Her Sister

NEWSSPOT.24/7 06/24/2020

Her name was Khadijah.

Khadijah was a 5 years Old Girl whose parents on the brink of divorce, sent her and her elder sister to live with their mother's aunt for a while.

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Kadijah and her sister who was 8 years old lived with their aunt and waited for their parents to come and pick them. They have an elder cousin of 18 years old, who openly showed and showered them with affection and made them feel loved.

During the day, he is a good and caring elder brother and by night, he becomes a demon preying on the girls and molesting them.

He started with Kadijah's Elder sister.

He would sexually abuse the little girl that she will fall ill. The boy's mother found out but kept mute about it. She kept treating the girl as many times as her son abused her.

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Gradually, he shifted his gaze to Little Kajidah. He began molesting her as he molested her sister. His mother again noticed, but decided to protect her son.

Little kajidah couldn't bear the pains, he fell ill and suffered and eventually died.

The aunt set to bury her notified her parents that their daughter is dead. Kajidah's father not satisfied with the story she told them, decided to do an autopsy check on his child. The result came out revealing the secret the woman has been hiding and the way his horrible son has been molesting his little cousins.

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Now little Kajidah is dead and her horrible cousin and Aunt must bear the consequences.

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