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See The Amazing Reasons You Should Eat Watermelon Seed Instead Of Throwing It Away

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Watermelon seeds are one of the most nutrient-dense varieties of seeds. They are a rich source of magnesium, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, zinc, copper, potassium and more. Are you surprised? I guess you were not aware that the watermelon seed you always spit out have such health benefits.

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Remember those days ? During our childhood , when we swallow any seed (of which watermelon seed wasn’t exceptional) people would scare us with the thought of a tree growing inside us (smiles). Funny and good old days. However, as we grew up, we realized that it was all hoax but watermelon seeds and other seeds continued to carry a bad name with them.

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In other words, let’s keep childhood memories and experiences aside, let’s all face the fact that we all hate it when a watermelon seed suddenly turns up and interferes with the true flavor of the fruit and this makes us unhappy causing us to Spit out, remove or throw away the seeds without knowing that we are throwing the main nutritional value of this fruit away.

Some of us might be thinking, is this guy talking about that black or brownish black seed inside the watermelon that has the kind of taste I can’t even tell?. Yes, I am talking about that black seeds, the seed is also meant to be chewed and swallowed. Its edible and consumable with so many wonderful benefits.

All these bring us to the question, what are the health benefits or the importance of watermelon seed?

Here are the importance and health benefits of watermelon seed :

1. Benefits for the skin - Cleanse Skin And Improve Skin Health 

Snacking on roasted watermelon seeds can be very beneficial for your skin.The magnesium in the seed helps improve your skin overall appearance. It reduces acne and treats other skin issues. It accomplishes this by lowering cortisol levels, improving cellular processes, and balancing hormones.

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Topical magnesium is also capable of treating redness or rosacea. It cleanses the skin from deep within and prevents any future issues. It can also prevent wrinkles as the enzymes that regulate DNA replication and repair need the mineral to do their job.

One of the most common skin allergies such as eczema are a common symptom of magnesium deficiency. Low magnesium levels also induces the body to create histamines which causes itchy skin.

2.  Benefits for hair - Strengthen Hai

Aside strengthening the hair, magnesium plays an important role such as preventing hair breakage and consequently promoting hair growth. Low levels of magnesium, according to studies, could accelerate hair loss. It is crucial to note that your hair goes through changes every seven years and adequate consumption of  magnesium is one of the ways to preserve your tresses.

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Some of the nutrient such protein, magnesium and copper is also undeniably important. While protein boosts hair growth, magnesium prevents split ends and breakage. Copper boosts melanin production which keeps your hair vibrant and silky.

3. Better Blood Sugar Control and Aids Diabetes Treatment 

According to an Iranian study, watermelon seeds have positive effect on the accumulation of glycogen stores, which may be able to assist in diabetes treatment. The extracts of the seeds are considered anti-diabetic, given their ability to decrease plasma glucose levels. Watermelon seeds are linked to better blood sugar control and reduced insulin resistance in the body.

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4. Boosts Energy Level

It is true that watermelon seeds are high in calories. But then we ask ourselves, where does most of those calories come from? Well, it turned out most of the calories which come from watermelon seeds are derivatives from healthy fatty acids. One cup of watermelon seeds give your metabolism the kick it needs and nourishes your body with essential nutrients as well. However, they still are high in calories and eating too much of them can induce weight gain so be mindful of the proportion you consume.

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5. It prevents osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone(of low density), or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or, in serious cases, from sneezing or minor bumps.

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Eating dried watermelon seeds regularly can prevent the early deterioration of your bones. These seeds are an incredible source of magnesium with over 140% of your daily requirement in just one cup. They are also rich in nutrients that contributes to bone health, strengthen your bones and improve their mineral density as well.

6. Strengthen The Immune System

Watermelon seeds, especially the roasted ones are loaded with iron and this mineral enhances immune function. The seed also constitutes  vitamins B and it helps a lot as regards to immune system.

Magnesium, according to a Cuban study, has a strong relation to the immune system. It also plays a protective role in allergic reactions, suggesting how important it is for our immune system

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7. Improve Male Fertility 

Now, this is the favorite part for the Gents , this part always puts a smile on their  faces as this area proffers solution to low sperm count and infertility.

The zinc in watermelon seeds is important for the male reproductive system. According to a Chinese study, zinc supplementation can significantly enhance sperm quality of infertile men.

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Studies have also found lower levels of zinc in the seminal plasma of infertile men than that in normal males. Though further studies are required, but in other words, the possibility is encouraging.

8. Improve Brain Health 

There is no argument that the most important nutrient in watermelon seed is magnesium and it still goes on and on. In this case magnesium helps improve memory. It can also fight memory lapses associated with aging. Studies have shown that magnesium-based treatments can work with great success for age-related memory loss.

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Lowered zinc levels can also cause other brain diseases like Wilson’s disease and Pick’s disease. They can also lead to epileptic seizures in serious cases and watermelon seed contains a reasonable amount of zinc

9. Enhance Digestive Health 

The magnesium in watermelon seeds activates enzymes that help the body absorb nutrients. This enables the body to break down food and digest it better. It also helps to produce and transport energy during digestion.

Zinc deficiency has also been linked to digestive disorders. It can cause leaky gut syndrome and other issues with stomach acid. In fact, diarrhea is one of the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency.

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So stop spitting out or throwing watermelon seed away, chew it raw along with the fruit or rather bring it out and roast it a little before consuming. You can as well boil it in water and drink the water.

I hope this article was helpful, leave a comment below and make sure to share in order to create the awareness.

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