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10 Possible ways to make Money in Nigeria (2020)

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There are plethora ways of making money in Nigeria despite the global coronavirus pandemic. Most Nigerians do have money making ideology but with little or no capital to start. Some may decide to get rich rapidly by means of blood money which is often common in Nigeria while others consider venturing into fraudulent means with intention to dupe and scam humans just to earn a living.

Time without number, Nigerians are always searching on the internet with little or no success. However, If you're a Nigerian and you haven't been making money please don't blame it on witches and wizard. Therefore, below are top 10 strategies of making money or fast money in Nigeria.


Starting a blog is easy as you can even get one for free using the blogger platform. Let me quickly make one thing clear, earning from a blog is not a quick way to make money in Nigeria as it requires time, effort and patience.


For those who can’t handle the stress of owning a blog but can write effectively, this business idea will suit you. There are number of freelance sites that pay well for freelancers who can write well unique meaningful quality articles.


If you're good in cooking then this business idea is mainly for you. Although, It requires capital to start especially to buy utensils and other things needed, it will yield you good profit on the long run.


As long as WAEC, NECO and JAMB are still in existence, parents are always looking for private teachers to tutor their children to pass these exams.

You can utilize this chance if you're good in teaching! If you are good in subjects like; English Language and Mathematics, you can take advantage of these fast money making idea by meeting parents in your area, churches to know if they would require a lesson teacher to teach their children. These business idea work mostly for Youth corpers in Nigeria.


Having a poultry farm where you rear chickens is a sure way to earn money. Birds are easy to rear because they mature quickly and are always on demand.

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