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See how fans responded to Bobrisky tweet: I don’t regret changing my gender.

Omologbalogba 06/24/2020

Nigerians seems to have had it all with bobrisky with his publicity stunt and comments all for the gram. Bobrisky is widely known on snap and social media as one of the most outspoken transgender in Nigeria. Even without LGBT rights .

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He took to his social media page to share a tweets which generated a whole Koran of reactions by from Nigerians with many calling him several names.

He wrote one thing I never regret doing is changing my gender. It’s hustle that will end man’s life.

Well some Nigerians are of the opinion, we saw you some few days back how you returned to default so all you do is social media stunt.

A fan wrote shut your mouth you never did anything I was at your fathers birthday I came close to you on purpose.

Keep deceiving your kind cause I know the truth.

We clearly do understand this is cruise, anyways we dey gbadun am.

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What did you make of his tweet and reactions from fans.

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