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Three Reasons Why Most Men Don't Get Married to Beautiful And Curvy Ladies Even After Dating Them

Daddydivine 06/29/2020

Relationship can mean alot of things to different people. To some people it's a game, While to the rest, it's a life affair. I have seen guys who dated beautiful and very curvy ladies for years but they ended up breaking their hearts by marrying a lady that's totally less attractive and beautiful. I know a lot of beautiful ladies who have had their hearts broken are wondering why their guys left them.

These are the three things that make most guys leave a very beautiful and Curvy lady for a less attractive one.

1. High blood pressure

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Many guys in a relationship with very beautiful and Curvy ladies can testify that they're worried when their girlfriends happens to be somewhere else. When a guy is dating a girl that's very attractive, there's always this part of him that keeps telling him the lady is with another guy even when she's not, and that over thinking can cause them high blood pressure that's why when they feel like settling down, they immediately pick a lady that's less attractive and won't be hit on by different guys regularly.

Controlling the man

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From research, beautiful and Curvy Ladies love to be the boss in the relationship. Truthfully, men hate being controlled by a woman they're dating, some men might keep up with it, but that will change when it's time for them to pick a wife. He wouldn't want his wife to control him in the marriage.

Wife Material

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I am not saying beautiful and very attractive ladies can't do house chores, but there's this natural feeling men get about beautiful women being very lazy. But truth be told, most beautiful and Curvy Ladies are not really good at house chores, they spend more time on their body than learning how to be a wife.

If you fall into this category as a lady, make your man know that he shouldn't be worried about you giving him high blood pressure by cheating on him, convince him that you're perfect at house chores, and try not to control him just because you feel you can.

Now, let's hear from you, why do you think most men are scared of getting married to beautiful and Curvy Ladies?

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