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See the effect of cooking heat on your eye

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Damage from long term exposure to grill cooking may come in the form of smoke, heat, and splatter. Therefore, the damage may occur in more than one form and not from just the heat.

Cooking oil is a major hazard in the kitchen. It often splatters when hot and can splash into the eye and cause a burn. Compared with hot water, hot oil poses a greater risk of damage due to its higher boiling point and higher viscosity. Therefore it is important to protect the eyes from this hazard and be prepared to respond in case an eye injury occurs.

Here are some tips for the prevention of cooking heat on your eye:

  • Fry with low heat and use a grease shield or lid over the pan.
  • Wear a light weight safety glasses. It is advisable to always have one in a convenient spot in your kitchen so that you can easily reach it when needed

If heat is considered alone, the heat alone won’t have the duration or the intensity to give damage to the eye. The kind of heat that can damage the eye is found in glassblowing. I do not believe that grill cooking equals the heat of glassblowing in both intensity or duration.

Protective eye wear and mindful practice while cooking will minimize eye damage.

Source: opera.com
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